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    Autorius: zycha

    zycha Klubo narysModeratorius 2009-08-17 13:44:13 (0)  
    ZZT-231 (GT-S 1.8) Vilnius Žinučių forume: 5988
    kad baigti diskusijas. Info remiantis Wikipedia:

    There are currently two official branches of TRD: TRD Japan (aka Toyota Technocraft) and TRD USA. Toyota Team Europe (TTE) evolved into the Toyota Formula One Team (also known as Panasonic Toyota Racing) and is not under the control of TRD. TTE is a completely separate entity, and is responsible for the Formula One team.

    TRD Japan's Race Division concentrates on the Superr GT Series (JGTC), All-Japan F3 Championship Series, ESSO Formula Toyota Series, and Netz Cup races (Vitz Series).

    TRD USA's Race Division concentrates on Championship Off Road Racing (CORR), NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Grand-Am Cup Sports Touring, National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Import Drags, and starting in 2007, NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series. Former concentrations include the Baja 1000, IMSA, and CART's Championship World Series (from 1996–2002) and Toyota Atlantic Series (from 1990–2005), and most recently the Indy Racing League (from 2003–2005).

    Toyota Team Europe, now the Toyota Formula One Team, concentrates on Formula One World Championship Racing (F1). Former concentrations include the World Rally Championship (WRC) with the famous Celica GT-Four and rally versions of the Corolla, as well as two attempts (in 1998 and 1999) at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the GT-One.