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    mayday5 2020-09-29 05:40:25 (0)  
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    Melodic (pun intended), so why what caused the focus on the 6th degree runescape 2007 gold of the major scale for the formation of a scale at all? [more inside]posted by springboundon May 28, 2017 Why Do Some People Become Conspiracy Theory Cranks as They Age?I know conspiracy theories aren't limited to the elderly, but a recent visit of my 70 year old father got me wondering. He's always been a bit Fox newsy and right wing, but recently he's started to espouse views that (a) make no sense, and (b) are definitely in tin foil hat territory. Why does this happen to otherwise rational people? He has no history of mental illness and shows no signs of dementia.

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    This is my monthly update for March where I talk about what coming up on my blog and briefly about the video games I been playing and what the mood is like regarding football.I pretty much at the half way point of all my assessments before Easter, but fingers crossed I be posting some content finally in the coming days as I got a lot to talk about!I just finished Kingdoms of Amalur and I want to write a review for that as I was actually quite disappointed with it. Deciding to gives RPGs a rest for the time being, I been playing a bit of Crusader Kings II, I don think there is a more rewarding game once you grasp the basics.I been doing a quarterly review of the Premier League throughout the season, roughly every 10 matches, with comparisons between my pre season predictions and the current table. I really need to post in time for the final quarter of the season, so I aim to write this in the next few days.Since my last update, Leicester have managed a 2 2 draw away at Everton so easily could have been a win and a closely fought 2 0 defeat at the champions, Manchester City.

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